Man Accused of Killing Father Arrested in Lindenwood Park a Week Later

His preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 31

FARGO, N.D. — After being on the run for a week, Christopher Riley, who’s accused of shooting his father, was arrested in Lindenwood Park.

Police say Riley was found in the gray Dodge pickup truck from the crime scene. He was taken into custody without incident.

Parkgoers say they were shocked to find a man wanted for murder in a family-friendly place.

“I had no idea. We have not seen any kind of action. We have not seen any police presence at all, everything’s been very quiet here,” Chris Evangelist, a camper, said.

Police have been searching for Riley since last Friday.

According to the police report, Riley called the dispatch center while in traffic and said his dad had shot himself.

Detectives say the body had a gunshot wound in the neck. They say it did not look like it was self–inflicted, and it looked like there was fight in the room where the body was found. A Glock handgun with the magazine removed was placed on furniture about six feet away from the body.

Riley’s father’s last known phone contact was with a friend. Last Thursday, the friend called for a welfare check on him, because she got a text from him saying his son pointed a gun at him and dry fired it eight times.

“It’s a little frightening because I’m here with my family— my wife and my two kids— just knowing something like this happened— could’ve been right outside my doorstep, it’s frightening,” Evangelist said.

Riley was arraigned this afternoon. He did not plea because this is a felony case. The judge set his bail at $750,000. His preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 31.

He has had run–ins with the law in the past, including disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

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