Governor Burgum Hears Concerns from High School Students about Fargo’s Future

More kids are thinking about leaving North Dakota for college and for work

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Midwest, yet Cass County has the most open jobs in all of North Dakota.

There are more than 11,000 students in Fargo Public Schools, but some want to leave the state to further their education and careers.

“We’re much more limited here, so if we can expand the variety of things that the youth can do and not just have places where people over 21 can go, I feel like the youth have a much better experience here,” said Juliet Sampson, a senior at Davies High School.

Sampson and other students from the Fargo Youth Initiative voiced their concerns for the city’s future to Governor Burgum and other city leaders.

After the meeting, their thoughts on jump–starting their careers struck a chord.

“Let’s look at how we can retain people that are in the community and make them look at Fargo as a different place. Maybe it’s internships while they’re in high school, maybe it’s putting them in companies and showing them what jobs are like,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

Some of the major platforms in Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative are community engagement and workforce development, and city leaders point to several projects in the works that look to keep everyone satisfied.

“The Block 9 Project will not only bring a great plaza to downtown, it will be a meeting place for the entire community. That’s really what we want. We want to bring that outdoor experience to people each and every day,” said Joel Vettel, the Director of the Fargo Park District.

Ultimately, city leaders say in order to keep the future workforce engaged and eager to help North Dakota, they need to make the entire city more vibrant.

“It’s really a place to hang out or to do different things, and I think that’s something we could work on, and find some different entertainment and different things that they would enjoy,” said Mayor Mahoney.

As Fargo looks to continue growing, its leaders just want the next generation to fuel the fire for future success.

For more information on Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative, click here.

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