USPS Advocates Urging Rep. Cramer to Sign Bill Preventing Post Office Privatization

They stood outside his office

FARGO, N.D. — U.S. Postal Service employees are fighting to keep a public Post Office at more than 140 sites across the country, including here in Fargo.

They stood outside Congressman Kevin Cramer’s office because they want him to sign a bipartisan bill which would prevent the post office from being privatized. The protests come after President Trump said he would consider selling the Postal Service to a private corporation. In addition to layoffs, potential changes include higher fees and people would receive mail fewer days a week.

“That’s not beneficial to anybody and in a rural community like North Dakota where the nearest hosptital or clinic is may be thirty miles away, how are they going to get their medications when they need them? We’ve got a great postal service, in the United States and there’s no reason to destroy it,” said Terry Jones, with the North Dakota Association of Letter Carriers.

Congressman Cramer says he’s “never been a proponent of privatizing the functions of the United States Postal Service.”

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