MN AG Candidate Keith Ellison Discusses Voter Rights at MSUM

Ellison talked about accessibility to polls and barriers people face when voting

MOORHEAD, MN– Minnesota candidate for Attorney General Keith Ellison visited the MSUM campus to discuss rights for Minnesota voters.

Ellison met with MSUM students, faculty, and people of the Moorhead community to talk about accessibility to the polls and barriers people face when voting.

Students discussed the need for a centralized voting location on campus and more information on how to register to vote.

Ellison stressed the importance of early voting.

“One thing that comes through very strong is the passion of these students for democracy,” Ellison said. “They believe in it, they think it’s important, and they’re out there every day working with their fellow classmates, and that’s a very pleasant surprise.”

Ellison is currently a U.S. Congressman but is running for State Attorney General.

You have until Election Day to register to vote in-person in the state of Minnesota.

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