Moorhead Public Service Continues its Capture the Sun Community Solar Garden Project

MPS will create and sell the ninth and final solar panel next year

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s Public Power Week, so Moorhead Public Service is sparking up innovative ways to continue electrifying the city.

MPS is jump-starting the latest piece of its project, known as the ‘Capture the Sun Community Solar Garden Project.’ The idea was for customers to share a collection of solar panels who aren’t able to install or maintain a system of their own.

Now in its fourth year, the project’s popularity is much larger than they had anticipated.

“Back in 2015 when we first started was to do a pad a year, so it would take nine years,” MPS Energy Services Manager, Dennis Eisenenbraun explained. “Well, this is the fourth year and we’ve filled up eight of the nine pads, so we’ve had a tremendous response. We’re basically providing a way for people to get solar who couldn’t get it otherwise. We even have people who live in apartments who have signed up for this.”

MPS will create and sell the ninth and final panel next year. They’re still considering newer options for the year 2020.

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