Fargo Public Works Gets Ready for Winter Weather Conditions Overnight

This is not the first time they say it's snowed in October

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Public Works took care of heavy snow this morning but the weather started to lighten up in the afternoon.

However, there’s a winter storm warning keeping crews monitoring the weather conditions throughout the rest of the night.

When Emily Seigart looked out her window this morning, she was appalled at what she saw.

“I was super bummed. I don’t even have my Christmas or winter stuff out yet,” Seigart said.

While not everyone was expecting to see the snow already on the ground in October, Fargo Public Works knew what was ahead.

Throughout the day, Fargo Public Works’ main concern was to keep drains open so the roads wouldn’t flood.

“Anytime we get rain with snow, no matter what time of year, January, March, this time of year, it causes minor road flooding issues just because of blocking the drains,” said Lee Anderson, Fargo Public Works supervisor.

But it may not be their only concern once the weather changes overnight.

“As we go into the dark, overnight hours here, we get another band of snow plus temperatures fall, conditions will change in a hurry,” Anderson said.

Fargo Public Works will have a full staff when those conditions worsen. They will also send out plows, although they do not anticipate having to use them and sand trucks. Supervisors at Fargo Public Works say as the conditions pick up tonight, it’s best to avoid the gutter lane.

“Just like in a heavy rain during the summer, you should try and avoid the right hand lane next to the gutter. That’s where the water is going to pond,” Anderson said.

In addition to changing the lanes, some say drivers should also be more careful.

“Driving a lot slower for sure. More cautious,” Seigart said.

This is not the first time snow has fallen in October.

“We’ve had snow in October many times in my career. It does not generally stay. Looking at the extended forecast, it’s just going to be a nuisance event,” Anderson said.

In fact, Fargo Public Works is using the snow to their advantage and preparing for what’s to come.

“For hauling the snow so we take our plows on and off all the time. It was good practice putting them on especially for some of the newer staff and it was kind of a low key, no stress practice day,” Anderson said.

That was not the case for Cass County Electric. Heavy, wet snow caused some isolated power outages impacting up to 400 customers. Their crews are working to restore power.

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