NDDOT: Road Construction Projects Halted Due to Cold Weather

Engineers hope to resume work once temperatures return to seasonal average

FARGO, N.D. — In the last three weeks, cold temperatures have put a halt to several construction projects across the metro.

Cold weather and road construction are a combination engineer Kevin Gorder says usually do not mix.

“We can’t get striping down. We can’t get that finished stuff done. We can’t put concrete down or asphalt, so we’re really just pumping water. We can still work on bridges a little bit here and there and maybe trim some bases and stuff between rainfalls, but we’re really on hold right now,” said Gorder, the Assistant District Engineer for the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT).

Crews have been unable to continue work on several major roadways due to the below–seasonal temperatures.

Mix in some snow, and that leads to some projected completion dates being pushed back to next year.

One project that might be could be finished by the new year is down South University Drive.

“We just need a couple sun–shiny days to dry things out, get the striping down, and we have some work off the pavement to do, like sidewalks,” Gorder said.

One of the projects impacted by the snow is Sheyenne Street, and engineers say it’s important to add extra time to your commute and drive extra cautiously.

“It just takes a little longer to get there, and that means the public drives to those work zones a little longer, having the delays a little longer, and all the things that go with an active work zone. We just can’t get to that point to get everything off the road,” said Gorder.

For now, Gorder says he’ll have his eyes peeled to the thermometer.

“Give us a couple weeks of even seasonal temperatures and some sunshine, and we’ll make some pretty good progress,” said Gorder.

Gorder says one of his goals is to split traffic on I–94 near Sheyenne Street away from the current single–lane configuration before winter begins.

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