Kevin Gorder

City Of Fargo Asking Input On Major Construction On 32nd Avenue South

Engineers are hoping to start part of the construction as early as 2022 from 32nd Street to 22nd Street. The second half would go from 22nd to University Avenue Drive as early as 2024.

FARGO, N.D. — “There is a lot of asphalt that’s out there, some potholes and that’s really frustrating for the user so we start there. Even underground there is a sanitary sewer that’s been in for over 30 years, there is water mains over 30 years so even some of the stuff you cant see needs to be updated. So,…

NDDOT: Road Construction Projects Halted Due to Cold Weather

Engineers hope to resume work once temperatures return to seasonal average

FARGO, N.D. — In the last three weeks, cold temperatures have put a halt to several construction projects across the metro. Cold weather and road construction are a combination engineer Kevin Gorder says usually do not mix. “We can’t get striping down. We can’t get that finished stuff done. We can’t put concrete down or asphalt, so we’re really just…

Several Major Roads in West Fargo Set to Undergo Roadwork

13th Avenue West, Sheyenne Street among the roads that will be affected

WEST FARGO, N.D. — In just a few weeks, traffic on several major streets in West Fargo will be slowed down due to large scale construction projects. “We’ve been falling behind a lot of our traffic corridors so we have some aging infrastructure, a lot more traffic. Traffic patterns have been changing with our growing southern part of our town. We…