Essentia Health Masks the Fear of Getting a Flu Shot with Halloween Activities

The "Spooktacular" looks to get more kids vaccinated to prevent high numbers of flu cases

FARGO, N.D. — Essentia Health is used to treating kids who are battling the flu, but last winter proved to be tougher than others.

“Last year was a terrible flu season, there were lots of hospitalized kids and pediatric deaths, and so we really want to prevent that this year,” said Kristin Luttio, the Operation Managers at the Pediatric Clinic for Essentia Health.

From 2017 to 2018 there were nearly 2,000 cases of the flu reported in Cass County.

Doctors say the best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated before the season begins.

Parents are on board to keep their kids safe.

“I feel it’s very important this year. They’re always talking about the flu season and how bad it can be, so I just feel it’s a good idea for everybody to go out and get a flu shot, go help yourself during the season,” said Allen Kraft, a parent from Fargo.

Patients have the option of getting either the injectable flu shot or the nasal mist. Medical professionals recommend you get the injectable shot due to it’s proven effectiveness against stopping the flu.

But unlike most adults, kids have a tougher time getting ready to get a flu shot.

So this year, Essentia Health decided to break out the Halloween costumes and host a slew of fun and games for the kids to enjoy after getting their shot.

“I feel this is a really cool activity doing something like this. It really gets the kids not thinking about the shot, poking the needle, and it’s just a fun time. It falls into line with Halloween and stuff, and giving them candy and prizes is kind of a little reward for taking the shot,” said Kraft.

Celebrating the spooky season is just a small part of Essentia’s plan to keep everyone healthy through the winter.

“We like to support the community and do everything we can that’s safe for our community, and I think bringing kids and families together to promote immunizing and that sort of thing keeps everyone safe,” said Luttio.

If you want to get your flu shot through Essentia, you can visit one of their six walk–in clinics without an appointment in Fargo or West Fargo.

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