Salvation Army’s “Coats for Kids” Helps Families Bundle Up for Winter

Thousands of coats are being distributed to hundreds of families

FARGO, N.D. — Salvation Army’s “Coats for Kids” event is keeping the community warm as temperatures drop.

About two thousand coats are being given to hundreds of families.

“It’s really busy on Saturday mornings. People come in happy and they just love being here, and they’re very cooperative. They just need a warm coat. They come in with sweatshirts or less than that and they get a warmer coat to go out, and it’s just rewarding to see that happen,” Sandi Swor, a long-time volunteer, said.

Just in the first few hours, about 150 families had already been served– some with more than six people.

“It’s important we get everyone the proper gear because it’s already been snowing here, so we want to make sure people are leaving with the right winter clothing,” Kallie Frost, volunteer coordinator for the Salvation Army, said.

Volunteers take on a variety of roles, like restocking the racks, or being a personal shopper where they can help families pick out their jackets.

One first–time volunteer did just that.

“It’s been really fun watching them go through the racks and pick out their favorite colors and try things on see what they like. The best part is seeing the kids getting excited about their new coats and just being able to pick it out themselves,” Leah Roethel said.

The donated winter goods are certainly being put to good use.

“The whole community gives a lot of coats, and they’re being given to other people instead just stuck in their closet or thrown in the dumpster,” Swor said.

Coat distribution will continue next Monday through Wednesday.

The Salvation Army says they could use more donations of boys’ coats.

If you’re going to receive coats next week, they say the head of household needs to bring a state–issued I.D. and Social Security card.

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