Teams Create Public Safety Programming in 24-Hour Hackathon

Programmers of all levels could compete

FARGO, N.D. — Hackers gathered to put their skills to the test and create something… all under deadline pressure.

Six teams competed by building a computer program based on public safety. They can use tools like data sets and programming interfaces. The challenge is done in 24 hours, and top competitors will get prizes. It’s not necessary to be a master coder, but some coding knowledge is needed.

A mix of students, young hackers, and professionals competed.

“I think people like the challenge of having limited constraints, just that feeling of accomplishment that, ‘yeah, I got this done in 24 hours, had a lot of fun, met some cool people,'” Blaine Booher, the hackathon organizer, said.

The hackathon is held every fall and is co–sponsored by AT&T and Emerging Prairie.

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