Try MATBUS Week Cuts Fares in Half, Saturday Means Free Rides

The bus service does it every year to get new riders and more people using public transportation

FARGO, N.D. — If you’ve never tried public transportation in Fargo, there’s an incentive to hopping on a bus this week.

MATBUS provides nearly 2 million rides a year to its passengers.

“For the size of us, we have a very big demand and fortunately we have a good staff, a very well set up staff so we can cope with the large demand for it,” said Sage Thornbrugh, transit planner for the City of Fargo.

The demand could increase this week now that fares are cut in half.

That means on Monday through Friday, prices are 75 cents for adults and 40 cents for kids, seniors and anyone who is disabled.

Anyone can ride for free on Saturday.

“It’s aimed at getting people who don’t normally try to transit to go out and give us a try. So not is it good for new riders, but it also ends up being a nice little gift for our consistent riders because they get to ride for a lot cheaper during the week,” Thornbrugh said.

Transit planners say a majority of the riders who use MATBUS services are people who make a low–income or don’t own a car.

But they say everyone should give public transit a chance because the more people who take the bus, the better.

“The main thing about public transportation is the more people you can get out of their cars and onto the bus just relieves so many burdens on a city, traffic. When you see a bus rolling down the road and 30 people on that bus, that’s 30 people that could be driving their cars, clogging that road, committing to even more emissions than necessary. So it’s about getting people to understand that we are a viable option,” Thornbrugh said.

It’s an option that just got easier to navigate.

MATBUS even has an app you can check so you don’t have to wait out in the cold for a ride.

So if any first timers do try to hop on the bus to go to any of MATBUS’ 30 routes, employees recommend doing it when you’re not in a hurry.

“It’s always nice to try MATBUS for the first time if you don’t have to be somewhere that way you can learn the system a little bit. You’re not working on a schedule necessarily and you can feel it out without worrying ‘oh am I going to be late?’ etc,” Thornbrugh said.

MATBUS serves riders in Moorhead, Fargo, West Fargo and Dilworth.

The bus service will have a Customer Appreciation Day and give away free hats for the winter at the Ground Transportation Center on Thursday.

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