The Marshmallow Foundation Has Adoption Special for Surplus of Cats

They say they've seen an uptick in cats since August

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — If you’ve been thinking of adding a furry friend to your life, now could be the puuurfect time. The Marshmallow Foundation is having an adoption special.

“The cats this year have been insane,” Cassi Ohman, manager at the Marshmallow Foundation, said.

They say cats have been increasing at a fur–ocious rate since August. With over 100 cats in the shelter, it’s a feline fiasco.

“We had a lady call this morning who has 10 cats in her home and 20 running around outside. We are not able to provide help for her because we are so full right now,” Ohman said.

That’s why they’re having an adoption special to claw their way back under control. It costs only $25 to adopt a cat. All are vetted, have vaccines, and are spayed and neutered. The shelter says the lack of spaying and neutering is contributing to the excess number of cats.

“It’s one of the most essential for cats to help this population quit reproducing,” Ohman said.

With all the cats to take care of in the shelter, volunteers say they felt a lot busier than before.

“I’ve never seen this many cats,” Connie Hammes said.

She says it’s im–paw–sible to spend as much time with each one.

“It means a lot to them. I think they adopt out better when they’ve had a lot of human contact. When we don’t have enough time to get to everybody, it’s just a little harder,” she said.

If you’re not a scaredy cat, the foundation isn’t kitten–around about finding them a home.

“Cats are a little easier, a lot of times apartment buildings will allow them versus the dogs because they aren’t so big they don’t even have to go outside to go potty, people find them useful because they’re more independent you can leave them for a couple days if you’re on vacation,” Ohman said.

“They alleviate a lot of stress, they’re entertaining, they cuddle with you, I just love them,” Hammes said.

For more information on how to adopt, click here.

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