Raking Flash Mob Makes a Difference for Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Daily chores can sometimes seem like second nature that's until you are physically unable to do them

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Daily chores can sometimes seem like second nature.

That’s until you are physically unable to do them.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us how one Fergus Falls group is taking some of that burden off people’s shoulders and making their days a little bit brighter.

“I can’t get over that they would do this. It’s pretty special,” said Charlotte Johnson, of Fergus Falls.

Having a neat and tidy yard may seem simple, but for some, like Charlotte Johnson, it’s close to impossible.

“I could never do it. I had a hip replaced and a brain simulator put in and some other operations,” Charlotte said.

“I feel so blessed to be able to do the things I do without really giving it second thought. I can go out and mow my yard or rake my yard and I know there are people that cannot do that,” said Jesse Thorstad, the founder of the Fergus Falls Mowing Club.

After seeing an ad in the paper, Charlotte made a call, like many others have in Fergus Falls, not realizing how fast help would arrive.

“Just by chance I called and he was so willing to let the mob know,” Charlotte said.

For some having a leaf filled yard may not seem like the biggest deal but for others turning something like this into this could make all the difference in their daily lives.

“We end up with lots of hugs and lots of tears and very grateful people,” Jesse said.

The Raking Flash Mob, is scraping up leaves…cutting down trees…and transforming yards…

“If we all just look out for each other and do these small acts of kindness it makes the world a little better place,” Jesse said.

And the group lives by one motto.

“Kind is cool,” said one volunteer, Zoey.

As the founder of the Fergus Falls Mowing Club, he invites everyone, at any age, with any ability to give back.

“It doesn’t require special skill. Everybody knows how to mow. Everybody knows how to rake.”

And all the volunteers understand the purpose.

“Because sometimes you don’t know what other people are going through. How many yards we do, we’re making that many people feel happy,” said another volunteer Presley.

Doing good certainly feels good.

“It’s fun,” Zoey said.

“She jumping in the leaves just having fun I like to see that,” Charlotte said.

But it’s those ear to ear expressions of those being helped that makes the hard work more than worth it.

Over 50 people were part of the flash mob.

If you’d like to volunteer or nominate someone who is in need, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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