Jazzing Into Fall With MSUM’s Faculty Jazz Quartet

This was the last concert in the series


FARGO, N.D. — They’re usually the ones giving the lessons but this time around, MSUM’s music professors are the stars of the show.

That tune is just one of many played at the Fargo Public Library’s annual Jazz Into Fall concert series.

Four of MSUM’s music professors played their instruments for the last show of the series.

While this is not the first time the group has performed in the show, its musicians say they get excited every time they can show community members what jazz is all about.

“It has something to do with just being let out of the cage for awhile. That sounds worse than it is. We love our jobs but we got into it first as performers and so it’s sort of like going back to our primeval existence in a way,” said Tom Strait, a MSUM music professor.

Eric Martens Trio, the Skipjacks and John Peterson Jazz Quintet also performed in the concert series.

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