“We can move forward”: Greywind Family Reacts to Hoehn’s Life Sentence

Last month, Hoehn was aquitted for conspiracy to commit murder in the death of 22-year-old Savanna Greywind

FARGO, N.D. — William Hoehn is sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for conspiring to kidnap Savanna Greywind’s baby in August 2017.

He also gets an additional year behind bars for giving misinformation to officers.

Just last month, a jury found Hoehn not guilty for conspiring to murder Greywind.

KVRR’s Danielle Church has more on the Greywind’s reaction to the sentencing in our lead story.

William Hoehn’s name are words exiled from Norberta Greywind’s mouth.

“I won’t use his name because this man has no consideration for my daughter,” Norberta Greywind said.

22–year–old Savanna Greywind is the loved one her family lost.

She was murdered by Hoehn’s girlfriend Brooke Crews.

Crews lured Greywind to her apartment by asking for help with a fake sewing project.

She then cut Greywind’s baby Haisley Jo from her womb.

Hoehn helped to dispose of the body and hide the child from officers.

After a jury acquitted him last month, the Greywind’s are finally getting some peace.

“I was happy after being disappointed with the verdict. I didn’t expect it, but I was hopeful,” Norberta Greywind.

The decision is both one the Greywind’s are pleased with as well as the state attorney’s office.

Hoehn originally faced 20 years in prison on the kidnapping charge but prosecutors requested he be labeled a dangerous offender by the judge, making a life sentence possible.

“I believe this crime deserved the punishment that it got,” said Asst. Cass County State Attorney Leah Viste.

Hoehn apologized to the Greywind’s before finding out his fate, admitting he thinks about their family all the time.

“I pray that you can know how sorry I am and that I hope and pray that someday you can heal. It’s harder to remember, harder to explain and impossible to justify,” Hoehn said.

So much so that Norberta Greywind says his word means nothing.

“I didn’t even listen to what he said,” she said.

Nationally known attorney Gloria Allred assisted the family in the case.

She says working with them and listening to their story is more painful than “words could ever describe.”

But what she and the Greywind’s still don’t understand is how Fargo Police searched Hoehn and Crews’ apartment three times and never found Savanna or Haisley Jo.

“The Fargo Police Chief should stop making excuses and stop trying to justify a search that in my opinion should be considered an embarrassment to the Police Department,” Allred said.

Chief David Todd posted a video to the department’s Facebook page giving his sympathies to the Greywind’s and says the department is committed to protecting every one of its community members.

“I find Allred’s comments unfortunate and I fear they have the potential to create division between our community and the police department who works so hard through positions, programs and empathy to build trust with its community,'” Todd said.

While only time will tell if that’s true, for the Greywind family, the future will be about making their daughter proud by trying to prevent this from happening again.

“She paid very close attention to the missing Native American women. I believe she would,” Norberta Greywind said.

Norberta Greywind plans to speak at national talks about missing and murdered indigenous women.

Hoehn will be behind bars for 25 years before he will be eligible for parole.

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