GOP MN Attorney General & Auditor Candidates Discuss Issues With Voters in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. – People in Moorhead are getting the chance to get past the commercials and talk to Republicans about their platforms in person.

Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow and Auditor candidate Pam Myhra discussed the issues with voters at Speakeasy Monday night.

Wardlow, an attorney for 14 years and a state representative for one term, believes the office needs to fight human trafficking and the opioid epidemic.

Myhra is a former tw0-term state representative and chief author of government transparency legislation signed into law.

She claims she’s the only licensed CPA in the race.

“I’m running for Attorney General to take the politics out of the office. We need to rebuild the criminal law division and keep Minnesota fair and safe. The Attorney General should be enforcing the law and not pushing policy,” Wardlow said.

“My goal is to serve the public and that’s what I pledge to do. I’m a CPA. The p in the middle doesn’t stand for politics, doesn’t stand for party. It stands for public, and I pledge to serve the public,”┬áMyhra explained.

Amid his claims to be apolitical if he’s elected, Wardlow said at a fundraiser he would fire 42 Democrat lawyers with the attorney general office.