Wonder Woman, Mad Hatter & Pumpkins Oh My: Area’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes

$3.4 billion alone will be spent on costumes

Americans are projected to spend more than ever on Halloween this year, reaching a record $9.1 billion.

$3.4 billion alone will be spent on costumes.

All Home Connections at AT&T has put out a map of each state’s most popular Halloween costumes.

North Dakota’s top outfit is Wonder Woman.

Minnesotans are choosing to celebrate the holiday as a pumpkin.

In South Dakota, it’s the Mad Hatter.

And in Montana people are dressing up as a unicorn.

Catwoman is the clear favorite this year, with no less than five states opting to dress like her this Halloween.

The wisecracking Deadpool comes in second, followed closely by Wolverine.

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