Clay County Solid Waste Enlists Help of the Community for Study

They separate recyclables, plastic bags, food and trash

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A group of volunteers spends more than four hours digging through trash.

It was part of an effort by Clay County Solid Waste and City of Moorhead to separate recyclables, plastic bags, food waste and trash and then collect data. The waste facility did the study last year, which showed them that of the trash picked up from 100 homes, 22 percent of it were recyclables. This helps the city think about the ways to lower that number.

It also helps the volunteers learn about where they should put certain items.

“It’s crazy. It’s crazy what people throw out and don’t think and so yeah, it’s really great for people to come and see and then when they talk to their friends and they talk to neighbors, coworkers, you know what I saw? It makes a huge difference. It makes a huge impact,” said Shannon Thompson, with Clay County Solid Waste.

Thompson reminds people to not continue “wishful” recycling. That is throwing trash away in your blue recycling bin when it should go in your green trash bin.

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