Looking at the Future: Eighth Graders Experience College Life at NDSU

92 students from Cheney Middle School in West Fargo spent time with NDSU education students

FARGO, N.D. — Many middle schoolers dream about going to college, but more than 90 eighth graders from Cheney Middle School found out the college experience is not all about notes and lectures.

As part of the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program offered by West Fargo Public Schools, these students get a first–hand glimpse at how a fun college experience can set the tempo for their futures.

“Giving them the experience of being on a campus and helping them realize what their passion is is something that could develop into their career, and it really empowers them to realize what they do today impacts and empowers them for tomorrow,” said Mary Anderson, one of the advisors for AVID at Cheney Middle School

The eighth graders weren’t the only ones learning valuable lessons.

“All of the college students that accompany the eighth graders to their classes today are in our teacher education program and so this is a valuable opportunity for them to practice being teachers and to be ambassadors for the school,” said Stacy Duffield, an education professor at NDSU.

The students took part in several team building activities, such as “pass the cow”, which focused on communication without talking.

Some eighth graders say getting to meet college students and take part in interactive classes gets them more excited about college.

“It helps us so we can know what to expect, and you get more rules and freedoms so you can choose what classes you want to go to,” said Kiara Samuel, an eighth grader at Cheney Middle School.

By seeing college in a light beyond studying and lessons, these students are counting down the days until they make their mark on campus.

NDSU has welcomed West Fargo students from the AVID program to campus for the last six years.

In addition to the games, the students ate lunch at one of NDSU’s dining halls.

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