Learning Math Gets a Little Easier: Mathnasium Holds Grand Opening

This is the first one to open in North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — Many of us may remember dreading math class, but now there’s place that will make the subject a little easier for kids.

Mathnasium, a supplemental learning center, has its grand opening in South Fargo.. They teach 2nd grade level math through pre–calculus.

Lessons are done in a small group setting with no more than a 4–to–1 student–teacher ratio. Students can go to Mathnasium whether they need help catching up or want to get ahead.

“We want kids to take away they have the skills, they’re smart enough to do it, they just need to be shown the system. Once they know they systems, they’ve got the abilities. Confidence and empowerment, that’s what we want to teach the kids,” Thane Taylor, the center director, said.

There are 900 Mathnasium centers across the U.S. and Canada, and this is the first one to open in North Dakota.

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