Trotting for Turkeys: Family Wellness Hosts Fun Run before Thanksgiving

The third annual "Turkey Trot" gives kids a chance to exercise while it's snowing

FARGO, N.D. — While snow blanketed the ground outside, a group of kids and their families did not throw snowballs or sleigh down hills.

Instead, they laced up their sneakers, and went on a run.

For the last three years, Family Wellness has hosted a “Turkey Trot” as a way to get kids to enjoy exercise.

“We want to make sure families are being healthy, and if you can do something with a family on a Saturday, like why not run a mile together on the track, like talk. You don’t even have to run, you could walk it too,” said Jen Wettstein, the Children and Family Programs Manager for Family Wellness.

For Heather Bryant, bringing her sons and their friends to Family Wellness to beat the snow was a no–brainer.

“I want to teach the boys to have healthy ways to relieve stress and that exercise is important and we need to do that everyday,” said Bryant.

The kids ran around the track nine times and after they finished up, they had the chance to make some arts and crafts.

Running a mile might be an accomplishment for some kids, but the main draw of the afternoon was the chance to win two Thanksgiving turkeys.

“A couple parents said they always like to come to this just in case they win a free turkey, so that parents don’t have to pay for a turkey and they can possibly win one for Thanksgiving that’s coming up,” said Wettstein.

Bryant and her boys were the first ones around the track, eager to win the big prize.

“Oh I’d be excited. We’re hosting Thanksgiving, so we’re trying to race for the turkey,” said Bryant.

After they burned through a mile and crafted some new friends, Bryant and her group of neighborhood kids came away with the crown jewel of the Turkey Trot.

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Even with their new prize, Bryant says that’s not the big takeaway that the Trot provides.

“I want them to know that exercise every day, you know we need to instill that know so they do it their whole life,” Bryant said.

Family Wellness says about 25 parents and children took part in the event this year. They are planning to continue the Turkey Trot next year.

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