NDSU Extension Offers Tips for Cooking Your Thanksgiving Bird

Food safety is crucial in order to avoid foodborne illnesses like Salmonella

FARGO– Turkey day is just a couple days away and cooking safety is essential for serving a safe bird to your friends and family.

According to NDSU Extension, the inner temperature of your turkey should reach 165 degrees or higher.

You should wash your hands often and use clean cutting boards and knives to avoid cross contamination.

An NDSU food and nutrition specialist suggests following these food safety tips to avoid the risk of Salmonella.

“We really need to think about food safety and that’s everything from thawing your turkey safely to cooking it thoroughly and also avoiding cross contamination,” NDSU professor and  food and nutrition specialist Julie Garden-Robinson said. “All of these things can lead to foodborne illness.”

NDSU Extension also suggests cooking your Thanksgiving dressing outside of the turkey.

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