Local Boy Scouts Spread Holiday Spirit with Christmas Tree Sale

Boy scouts in troop #214 are selling four different types of Christmas trees at Faith United Methodist Church

FARGO, N.D. – Local boy scouts are selling Christmas trees in the parking lot of Fargo’s Faith United Methodist Church.

Boy scouts of troop #214 are using the money from their tree sale to help with summer camp funding.

The sale offers four different types of trees including white pine, scotch pine, balsam fir, and fraser fir.

Troop #214 has sold trees at the church for over fifty years.

The troop’s scoutmaster enjoys seeing the boys put their scout knowledge to good use.

“It’s fun for the kids because I always say that boy scouts should know how to tie knots,” Boy Scout troop #214 scoutmaster Ken Elfstrum said. “Part of their responsibility is to tie that tree tight to the top of the car because people expect them to tie the proper knot.”

“Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces is probably my favorite part,” troop #214 star scout Tate Schlosser said. “They are always really happy when they buy a real tree and their parents are pretty happy too because their kids are happy.”

The troop has sold over sixty trees since Friday.

You can purchase trees at Faith United Methodist Church on weekdays from 5-8pm and on weekends from 10am-7pm.

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