Maintenance Technicians Putting Their Skills to the Test: Can They Beat the Clock?

Work can become second nature...for these guys twisting and turning is almost natural

FARGO, N.D. — Work can become second nature…for these guys twisting and turning is almost natural.

But what happens when they try to beat the clock?

“When they did their practice rounds they were a lot quicker and not used to having everybody cheer them on,” said Jamie Hager, with the Greater Red River Apartment Association.

It’s the first time Maintenance Mania has come to Fargo…

“I figured it would be a good opportunity for me to see some of my former co–workers and friends I’ve made over the years,” said Austin Mattson, a maintenance tech with Meridian Property.

But the event also serves as a reminder for Mattson…there is a reason these guys live by quality over quantity.

“We do things right so we don’t have to come back the second time,” Mattson said.

And when the pressure is on, and time isn’t on your side, getting it perfect, isn’t always the end result.

Instead they may learn from those on their left and right.

“They might do things more efficient than we do so it’s nice to see,” Mattson said.

Going head to head is part of the fun, but the competition is about much more.

“Multifamily housing is a tough business to in you have to love what you do. These guys go out every day and they are the front line people. You know they are in people’s homes on a regular basis. So having a great maintenance guy can save a property owner thousands of dollars a year,” Hager said.

Some walk away with cash prizes, others with new skills.

But everybody learns how vital these hard workers are in the multifamily housing industry.

This is the 13th year the event has been held. Organizers are planning to make it a statewide event in Fargo next year.

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