Governor-Elect Tim Walz Stops in Moorhead on Statewide Listening Tour

He's visiting 24 communities across the state

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Governor–Elect Tim Walz is visiting 24 communities around the state to learn more about what citizens are concerned about.

Walz drew a packed crowd at the Fryn’ Pan in Moorhead, with people overflowing from the room.

“It was an incredibly respectful and it was across the political spectrum. Those for diversion, those against diversion… it’s about making sure people feel heard in their government,” Walz said.

Whether people are from urban or rural areas, Walz’s “One Minnesota” message can apply to them.

“There are differences of how things approach but still the same major themes about getting a great education for their children, affordability of healthcare, and transportation comes up,” Walz said.

People who attended the event say they’re glad the governor–elect is taking the time to listen to the issues that matter to them.

One woman, Kathy Potter, who works with those who are disabled says her agency needs more funding.

“They have every right we do. We get phone calls from people looking for services, and we’re unable to provide them because we don’t have the staffing. Staffing’s a huge issue. He was very open to that, I was very impressed, very dynamic governor–elect,” she said.

Others are impressed with Walz’s commitment to hearing from all Minnesotans.

“It’s pretty cool the governor is having these all over the state, where anybody can drive not too far in order to participate,” Ted Fiskevold said.

“We’re not going to get anywhere if we’re fighting across political lines, and it’s about time we had one big party, and we all fight for the right causes,” Potter said.

“I wanted to participate in this historic democracy. This was democracy in action,” Fiskevold said.

Walz also made stops in Crookston, Hallock, and Winona. He will continue touring the state Sunday and Monday.

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