Updated Costs Push Fargo-Moorhead Diversion to $2.75 Billion

FARGO-MOORHEAD – The F-M Diversion is set to cost more at almost three billion dollars, but North Dakota Senator John Hoeven says the money will not come from local governments.

The increase comes after reviewing updated costs and design changes from the plan b proposal.

A new funding plan has been requested by the Diversion Authority where the State of North Dakota and the federal government will each pay three hundred million dollars.

Diversion Authority members hope to hear the project will be approved by the Minnesota D-N-R soon.

“We’re hoping to hear from them sometime in December. We’ve always been told winter of 2018, so here we are,” Vice Chair of the Diversion Board of Authority Mary Scherling said.

“We’re hoping for a Christmas present.” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney added.

Diversion Board of Authority Chair and Mayor of Moorhead Del Rae Williams said the diversion has a big price tag, but it’s worth it to prevent a devastating flood.

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