Red River Valley SWAT Team Collecting Data on Breaching Techniques at Old Fargo City Hall

They will be doing it from Dec. 5-6


FARGO, N.D. — If you hear some loud noises coming from the old Fargo City Hall building over the next two days, there’s no need to worry.

That’s the Red River Valley SWAT Team using the building to train its officers. The team is using the space for explosive breaching techniques since the city hall is set for demolition Monday. Forty-nine officers will participate in the training, while also collecting some data for future missions.

“We’re able to keep data on the types of doors that we’ve breached or the types materials we’ve breached through the walls and it’ll allow us to narrow down what types of materials that we’ll have to use to do it better the next time. It’s very good for us not only to collect data but to just get more experience,” said Lt. Bill Ahlfeldt, SWAT commander.

Red River Valley SWAT is called in to assist with a situation about once a month.

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