Sen. Klobuchar Says Farm Bill Adds New Provisions for Issues Farmers are Facing

WASHINGTON –┬áMinnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar says it’s important to get a farm bill done because the difficult time farmers are going through.

The Democrat believes farmers are facing a lot because of tariffs, volatility in the dairy market and low commodity prices.

Klobuchar says the new farm bill, which has been agreed to in principal between House and Senate leaders, takes good parts from the 2014 bill like a safety net.

“It adds new things for our new challenges including dairy, what we saw with the avian flu and H1N1, puts a vaccine bank in there, that was my provision. And also for the focus for the Red River Valley, keeps our sugar program strong,”┬áKlobuchar said.

There’s speculation Klobuchar will run for president since she spoke at the Iowa Farmers Union state convention earlier this week. She talked about heartland economics which includes not having consolidation for seeds and transportation and bringing rural health costs down.

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