Sen. Tina Smith Calls Tribute to President George H.W. Bush “Inspiring”

She also says she's confident a Farm Bill can be passed by the end of the year

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) said the tribute to former President George HW Bush in Washington DC was very moving.

Sen. Smith says it was special to several people, including all the living presidents, coming together to celebrate his life.

She had the chance to talk with Jimmy Carter, and says the eulogy from President George W. Bush was inspiring. She also says his time as a public servant will be remembered favorably long after his death.

“I think everyone who watched and was there was inspired by his legacy of bipartisanship and just being nice to people, and to hear a tribute to this man who really dedicated his life to this country and to service. It was a really special moment to be there,” said Sen. Smith.

Sen. Smith also says she is very optimistic a final Farm Bill will be passed by both the House and Senate by the end of the year.

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