Changing the World Through Community: Two Leaders Receive Human Rights Awards

These people have full–time jobs and they are going to school or working full–time yet they find time to go out and help others

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead’s Human Rights Commission awards two people for their advocacy and ability to make a difference in the community.

It’s a special kind of feeling when you love what you do for a living.

“It’s amazing. I would not change what I’m doing for the world. I love it and get an award for it. I don’t know I’m just extremely excited,” said Fariah Ali, one of the Human Rights Award recipients.

And for Fariah Ali, it goes beyond the job…she has become a part of people’s lives.

“She’s out there helping students with the teachers and the parents and making that communication or takes them to doctors’ appointments and things like that,” said Makell Pauling-Normandian, the Chairman of the Moorhead Human Rights Commission

Fariah is one of two recipients for the Human Rights Awards.

As a case manager, interpreter and volunteer, she helps New American youth overcome obstacles.

Ezzat Alhaidar, a refugee from Iraq, takes home the other award.

He works on cultural diverse seminars and workshops, encouraging Iraqi–Americans to go door to door and vote.

“In the moment I was blessed because all the work I’ve been doing for a long time it was like symbolic towards that,” Fariah said.

The honor is being presented at the perfect time, on International Human Rights Day.

“These people have full–time jobs and they are going to school or working full–time yet they find time to go out and help others,” Makell said.

But Fariah says lending a hand has never felt like a task; it’s a part of her DNA.

“Regardless where I was at in life, my happiness and my joy is to help others because like I was in their shoes at one point and my family were in their shoes,” Fariah said.

It was a lesson she learned at a young age.

“My family taught me to help others that are in need no matter where you’re at in life,” Fariah said.

As advocates for different groups of people in the Moorhead community, Makell says these honorees are just two examples of the many leaders changing the world one day at a time.

“We know everybody is busy but for somebody to take extra time to make our community better is amazing,” Makell said.

The awards are presented every year and Makell urges community members to nominate those who are making a difference.

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