ND Senate & House Leaders Discuss Upcoming Session over Breakfast

Leaders, chamber members, and community members met at the Chamber's Eggs & Issues event

MOORHEAD, Minn. – North Dakota Senate and House leaders are preparing for a new session over breakfast.

Leaders, chamber members, and community members met at the Chamber’s Eggs & Issues event to discuss the previous and upcoming session.

Some of the topics included funding for infrastructure and K-12 education.

The discussion also touched on higher education and human services.

“Making sure that we get the funding in the right places, that we make the money that we have, take care of our priorities and to let everyone know that the state has been working on doing a good job on managing the state’s resources,”North Dakota Senate Majority Leader (R) Rich Wardner said.

“Eggs and Issues provides an opportunity for us as policy makers to come and meet with the business community, hear not only the concerns that they have, but they also get educated on how government works,” North Dakota House Minority Leader (D) Josh Boschee said. “How we can partner together to make sure that we advance each other’s interested and I’m looking forward to an exciting session.”

The next Eggs & Issues session is on Jan. 3rd.

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