Kids Do Fun, Educational Activities at Winter STEM Night

They made marshmallow igloos, slime, and more

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The West Fargo Public Library is showing kids learning science doesn’t have to be boring. Winter STEM night allowed kids to stretch their brains.

“I like to see the enjoyment kids get out of doing something, building something, creating something, learning a new skill out of unique items,” Lauren Nephew, children’s services librarian, said.

Kids get to make slime and see if hot chocolate dissolves faster in hot or cold water.

They also get to build an igloo out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Organizers say the goal is to teach kids critical thinking skills.

Building snowmen out of paper and straws was definitely a popular activity.

“Making the hat was fun, look at the crazy hat I made,” Mujtaba Akhtar, 6, said.

He also creatively used the other materials.

“It was hard getting the straws to put in. I put the extra tubes inside the belly just to be funny,” he said.

Parents describe the event as a great way to interact with their kids.

“This was really fun, hands-on activity, I had fun making snowman with him, I think he’s having fun with hot chocolate,” Mustafa Akhtar said.

Kids say they would come back if given the opportunity.

“It’s fun and exciting,” James Wright, 9, said.

The West Fargo Public Library says they try to hold events like this about once a month.

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