Sixth Graders Learn Hands-On Science Experiments with NDSU Researchers

Four classes from Ben Franklin Middle School took part

FARGO, N.D. — Sixth graders at Ben Franklin Middle School learned about the wonders of science from scientists at NDSU.

Several of Travis Hoeg’s science classes got to take part in hands–on science experiments with NDSU professor Senay Simsek.

Some lessons dealt with sensory science and density, while other kids learned how to mix alginate and calcium chloride to make tiny gel–like capsules.

“Hands–on is more effective than watching someone do it for you or watching on TV or talking about it, but if they do it themselves and put their hands on the experiments, it’s a better and more effective way of teaching,” Professor Simsek said.

Four science classes got to participate in the hands–on experiments throughout the day.

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