Record Number of Drivers to Hit the Road for Holiday Season

Cheaper gas prices and a better economy are fueling more travel

AAA expects 112 million people to be traveling this holiday season, and with busier roads, it’s especially important to be mindful when you’re driving.

“We expect 960 people to lose their lives sometime during the next two weeks in traffic crashes. Don’t let that be you. Don’t let that be someone in your family,” AAA spokesperson Gene LaDoucer said.

Don’t drive distracted, and slow down according to the conditions.

“Remember even if you yourself may be a pretty safe driver you share the roadways with other people making those poor decisions,” Sgt. Jesse Grabow with Minnesota State Patrol said.

Keep in mind that the weather when you leave may be different from your destination. Make sure you have an emergency road kit in your car.

AAA says they expect to rescue 1 million stranded drivers over the next couple of weeks.

Lots of people are headed out this weekend which means they need to fill up their tanks. Some people say they’re surprised by the lower gas prices.

“It’s really nice cheap gas here, better fill up when you can,” Cory Schillo said.

“Very surprising, exciting that it’s a little cheaper this year,” Kyle Burns said.

AAA says cheaper gas prices, along with a better economy, are fueling more holiday travel. They’ve seen an increased number of travelers over the last seven years.

“It wasn’t more than eight, nine years ago we were talking about stay-cations,” LaDoucer said.

To make sure your time with family and friends doesn’t end up being a tragedy, “you got to have a plan, and have a plan B if that falls through,” Grabow said.

That way, you can enjoy the holiday season.

“I’ve checked the roads and everything is good and the weather down there is going to be in the 50’s so looking forward to that,” Burns said.

Minnesota State Patrol says there will be more officers on the road as part of the nationwide DWI enforcement campaign.

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