Driver Killed Trying to Pass Plow in ND, 270 Crashes Thu. & Fri. in MN

NORTH DAKOTA & MINNESOTA – Troopers show how dangerous it was on the roads during the storm, even deadly.

In North Dakota, the Highway Patrol investigated seven crashes involving snowplows near Richardton, Hebron, Steele, Williston and Killdeer on Thursday.

Troopers say two were from people trying to pass plows. One driver was killed on Highway 22 near Killdeer.

From 8:00 a.m. Thursday to 11:45 Friday morning, there were 270 crashes statewide in Minnesota. 24 were injury crashes.

There were 21 jackknifed semis including two on I–94 in Moorhead on Thursday. Traffic had to be rerouted through the rest area.

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