Flights Either Canceled or Delayed: How Flyers are Handling Schedule Changes

Since last week's blizzard, flyers haven't had an easy time getting to their next destination

FARGO, N.D. — Almost every flight flying in and out of Hector International Airport has either been delayed or canceled.

Since last week’s blizzard, flyers haven’t had an easy time getting to their next destination.

One family has been trying to leave the Fargo area for almost 3 days, unable to get a flight out of the city.

Another passenger has spent the last 24 hours in the airport after spending the holiday with his family.

“Definitely glad I made it home, had a great visit with my family so that makes it all worth it. But you just kind of try to let it run off your back and get home eventually,” said Todd Yackley, a flyer.

Hector posts all flight information online so the best advice if you’re flying is to check your flight status before heading out.

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