F-M Metro Makes Some New Year’s Resolutions

They range from one simple action to everyday goals

FARGO, N.D. — After reflecting on 2018, many are looking forward to change in 2019. Much of that is through creating New Year’s resolutions.

Some say they’ll be focusing on their health while others say they want to work on being more kind all those around them in 2019. To make sure they complete their goals for the New Year, some say they make sure the resolutions they’re setting aren’t too high or unrealistic.

“My goals for this year are just to be an all around better person, try to watch out for people a little more and be a little bit more conscious of other people and how I can make their lives better and also the general stuff like eating healthier, getting better, all that stuff,” said Blake Nemecek.

“My goal is to learn how to do a back handspring and front handspring and a backflip,” said Yonbo Conteh.

Good luck to everyone who is creating a resolution or goal this year.

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