Freezing Temperatures Do Little to Slow Down Runners on New Year’s Day

The annual run is held through Fargo Running Company

FARGO, N.D. — When you look at the thermometer and see a temperature below zero, you might not be rushing to break out the running shoes.

But for some people in the metro, there’s just something about the cold that warms them up.

“When I woke up and only saw that it was 11 below and there is no wind, I was convinced I had to come. Actually it’s quite nice when you have the full sun against your face, really it was a wonderful morning,” one of the runners, Edward Van Hal, said.

Others endure the cold to carry on a legacy.

“One of my heroes is Jim Lindley, he was a long–time Fargo runner. He used to organize the New Year’s Day run, and he just passed away this past year, so I thought what would be better than keeping the tradition going,” said John Peterson, one of the run’s organizers.

Fifteen people took the challenge, risking a frozen face just to get a good run in to start the year.

“It’s not too bad of a wind, so if you dress in multiple layers, it’s not too bad actually,” said Frode Tilden, one of the run’s organizers.

After the run, several of the runners came to the Sons of Norway to enjoy a nutritious breakfast while also tightening their bonds even closer.

“The best part of it is all the wonderful people I get a chance to run with. That’s what makes my day,” Van Hal said.

By having each other’s back and pacing each other to their goals, (nat pop) these runners have built a strong foundation that can push them through any challenge no matter the temperature.

The runners ran distances of three and six miles through downtown Fargo.

They plan on doing other runs throughout the winter.

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