Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Goes Up to $9.86 for Large Employers, $8.04 for Small Employers

The rates are adjusted for inflation

MINNESOTA — The new year means some new laws are going into effect, and that includes Minnesota’s new minimum wage.

For large employers, the new minimum wage for workers is $9.86, which is twenty one cents more than before.

For small employers, it’s $8.04, which is seventeen cents higher.

If a business’s yearly gross revenue is less than $500,000, they are considered a small employer.

The new minimum wage rates are adjusted for inflation.

“I have no problem with the minimum wage going up. I was a kid once too trying to make a living and it’s harder these days. It’s good. As long as we get a good ethic, I have no problem paying somebody a little bit more, cuts into my bottom line but that’s fine as long as they give me a hard day’s work, I’ll give them what they deserve,” Jacey Heinrichs, owner of Jay’s Smokin BBQ, said.

The minimum wage for workers under the age of 18 and the 90-day training wage is also $8.04.

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