NDSU Fans Give Bison Football Players Send-Off to Frisco

Several fans gathered at the airport as the team boarded the plane to Texas

FARGO, N.D. — With a handful of days left until kickoff, fans are getting excited to see the Bison take the field in Frisco.

Jim Kapitan has been an NDSU football fan for more than fifty years, but one of his new favorite traditions is driving down to Texas to cheer on the Bison.

“Everybody displays their car flags or NDSU regalia on their cars, so you might not know the people, but everybody honks their horn when they pass you or you pass them, because everyone knows you’re on the trip to Frisco,” said Kapitan.

Before hopping in the car, Kapitan went at the airport with other fans to give the Bison a proper send–off.

“I think NDSU is the winningest ball–club in the nation right now, and I’m hoping for Easton Stick and the rest of the ballplayers to come away with that national championship,” Kapitan said.

The airport isn’t the only place buzzing with Bison pride. NDSU’s Bookstore has been getting requests for championship merchandise from all over the country.

“We’re filling hundreds of orders and we have stuff that hasn’t even shown up yet, so we have people wanting their stuff but we don’t have it. We actually have some stuff being sent straight to Frisco instead of straight to us, so it’s been hectic since we’re trying to send so much stuff out,” said Oliva Giannini, an NDSU senior who works at the bookstore.

With the Bison making their seventh national championship in eight years, the bookstore likes to keep their merchandise fresh, and this year, they decided to emphasize the team’s return trip to Texas.

“We have a new offering every year that we do this, we’re really excited and really proud of our team, proud of Bison Nation, and excited to be a part of it,” Mary Sivertson, the Clothing Buyer for NDSU Bookstore, said.

No matter where he is and no matter the outcome, Kapitan will continue to rock his green and gold and support his Bison.

“A lot of people say that because we win every game by 30 or 40 points, it gets boring. Well, I don’t find it boring at all,” Kapitan said.

For fans heading down to Frisco, the NDSU Bookstore will be selling championship merchandise at the Dallas/Plano Marriott Thursday and Friday and at Bison Bash Friday night.

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