Fargo Public Works Clears Neighborhoods, Hauls Snow to Dump Sites

They say they have about 160 cul-de-sacs to get to

FARGO, N.D. — After the blizzard last week and another storm Monday, there’s still lots of cleanup for the Public Works department to do around the city.

Truckload after truckload of snow has been going into dump sites around the city.

Public Works says they’ve been focusing on hauling snow out of cul–de–sacs– and there are about 160 of them they have to get to.

“We’re coming. We’re going to work on them every day that we can and there’s improvements everyday. One street at a time, one cul–de–sac at a time, we got our work cut out for us,” Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson said.

He says 12 truckloads of snow came from one cul–de–sac alone.

“It’s been several years since we’ve had this amount of snow at one time. Normally it’s not quite the process we’re dealing with now. When you have a significant storm like we just had, the cleanup takes weeks,” Anderson said.

Fargo Public Works has been bringing snow to three locations across town, including one west of the landfill. There also are sites at 40th Avenue South and the Maple Valley area.

Neighbors say they’re pleased with the rate snow is getting off their streets.

“I think the city’s doing a really good job. We live on somewhat of a horseshoe here and most mornings when I come out it’s cleared off, and we’re good to get out, so I think it’s been pretty good with the amount of stuff that they have to accomplish,” Rial Stedman, a Fargo resident, said.

“You have a significant storm like we just had, we pretty much have to deal with it the rest of the winter. May will come,” Anderson said.

Night crews work on the downtown district and emergency snow routes, and day crews focus on residential neighborhoods.

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