The 16-Year-Old Macaw Just Wants Somebody To Love


Bogart, a.k.a. Bogie, joins us for this week’s Pet Connection.

Bogie is a 16-year-old Blue and Yellow Macaw.

He came to our friends at C.A.A.R.E. after his previous owner fell ill and died.

He plucked his chest feathers due to stress, but is doing better and seeing some regrowth.

Bogie does better around women, but is shy and takes a bit to warm up to people.

He’s very affectionate once he decides he likes you. He’s fond of cuddles and head scritches.

Like most macaws, Bogie can be loud and will do best in a home instead of an apartment.

Macaws can live to be 60-80 years old in captivity, so Bogie can be your friend for decades to come.

Find out more about Bogie and other great birds who need a good home online atĀ

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