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Pet Connection, Puppy Love Edition: Meet Fran & Earl

Fran & Earl got married this week! They're looking to spend their honeymoon in a forever home

  Fran & Earl are the cutest couple. These bonded pitties love each other so much, they got married this week at Homeward Animal Shelter. Fran is 9 1/2 years old. Earl is 11 1/2. They had to go to the pound when their owner couldn’t care for them anymore. But you can give these newlyweds the perfect honeymoon spot,…

Pet Connection: Meet Rosie

In this week's Pet Connection, Rosie loves fun and being the center of attention in her home

  We have a fun loving girl looking for a family to love, as long as she’s the center of attention. If you don’t have a dog already, Rosie might be the girl for you. She’s a six-year-old Shepherd at the Humane Society of the Lakes in Detroit Lakes. Her previous owners surrendered her because she didn’t get along with…

Pet Connection: Meet Roxii

Roxii is recovering from ACL surgeries before she can be adopted

  We have an energetic, curious girl joining us for Pet Connection this week. But before you can scoop her up, she’s got to spend some time recovering from a recent surgery. Our friends at the Humane Society of the Lakes in Detroit Lakes explain as they introduce us to Roxii. The Humane Society shared more information about Roxii on…

Pet Connection: Meet Cuddles

Cuddles is a sweet girl looking for a home to come out of her shell in

  Have you cuddled any feathers lately? Maybe you should try it. A very sweet girl is joining us for this week’s Pet Connection. Meet Cuddles from Kritter Krazy. From Kritter Krazy’s website: “Cuddles is a 29 year old Sulfur Crested Cockatoo. Cuddles is a female, who needs a female owner or at least primary caretaker. She will run and…

Pet Connection: Meet Bandito

Bandito Loves To Play And Play

  If you like to play, this is the guy for you. Meet Bandito in this week’s Pet Connection from Homeward Animal Shelter. He’s a five-year-old Pittie who loves nothing more than running, jumping, wrestling and playing. He would love life with another dog, but has to go to a home with no cats or kids. Bandito has a lovely…

Pet Connection: Meet Ice

Ice has a cool look and a cool personality

  Ice is quite nice. The 9-month-old Lab mix is super friendly. He loves kids, animals and all people. He’s even good with cats. He’s good in a car, a kennel, and is housebroken. What makes Ice unique is his look. He’s got white fur, but has some darker cream-colored spots. Plus, he has one deep blue eye to go…

Pet Connection: Meet Banana

This week for Pet Connection, we've got a honey named Banana

  This week for Pet Connection, we’ve got a honey named Banana. She’s a year-and-a-half old Lab/Shepherd mix from Homeward Animal Shelter. Banana is a total sweetheart. She still has some of that puppy energy, but she’s remarkably calm and well-behaved. She’s great with dogs, cats and kids. You’d be hard-pressed to find a home she wouldn’t fit well in….

Pet Connection: Meet Irene

Irene is one of the most chill pups you'll meet in this week's Pet Connection

  Normally young dogs are all over the place. That’s not Irene. The pittie from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue is barely a year old, but she’s calm, cool and collected like much more seasoned pooch. She gets along with pretty much everyone, human and animal. She’s content to sit on the couch and watch the world go bye. Irene…

Pet Connection: Meet Sylvia

We've got a super friendly girl who gets along with pretty much everyone

  We’ve got a super friendly girl who gets along with pretty much everyone in this week’s Pet Connection. Meet Sylvia from the Uffda Animal Rescue in Cando, North Dakota. Click here to find out more about Sylvia. Categories: Morning – Pet Connection Tags: pet connection, Sylvia, uffda animal rescue, uffda fund for animals