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Pet Connection: Meet Jane & Daisy

Terrific Twosome Come From Uffda Animal Rescue In Cando, ND

  We’re branching out further than we ever have before on Pet Connection this morning. The Uffda Animal Rescue is joining us from all the way in Cando, North Dakota. And they’re introducing us to a beautiful pair of labs who need a home together. Find out if they’re right for you. Jane is a two-year-old Red Lab. She’s a…

Pet Connection: Meet Arlo

Arlo is a one-year-old tabby cat looking for someone to cuddle

  This week we’ve got a cool cat who just wants someone to call his own. Our friend Heather Klefstad with Homeward Animal Shelter introduces us to Arlo. Arlo is a one-year-old tabby cat looking for someone to cuddle. Click here for more info on Arlo. Also, our friendly boy Onyx still needs a home! We featured the pittie on…

Pet Connection: Meet Onyx

Onyx Is A Lovable Pit Bull Who Loves Long Walks To The Fridge

  We have another first-time shelter that we’re excited to partner with this morning on Pet Connection, Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks. And they’ve got a gorgeous boy just waiting to find his perfect forever home. Meet Onyx. Onyx is a 4 year and 8-month-old brindle and white Pit Bull Terrier Mix. He is 61.5lbs, neutered and…

Pet Connection: Three Pets For The Price Of One

Kritter Krazy Exotic Rescue Brings Us THREE Pets Who Need Homes

  Tasha Gorentz with Kritter Krazy Exotic Pet Rescue has three pets who need homes this week. We meet Willow the guinea pig, who is just one of a whole bunch of guinea pigs she has rescued this year. Sanctuary is a leopard gecko who came to the rescue from Minneapolis. He’s been with the rescue for about a month…

Pet Connection: Meet Boots

Boots is the 1st dog from Journey Home Animal Shelter featured on Pet Connection

  It’s an exciting day here on Pet Connection. We have a new shelter joining us for the very first time, Journey Home Animal Shelter in Grand Forks. They’re introducing us to a cuddle bug of a senior dog looking for a loving retirement home. Meet Boots. Boots is a 14-year-old chihuahua mix. He loves to snuggle with his humans….

Pet Connection: Meet Zenon

Zenon Needs A Family To Help Harness Her Energy

  This week we’re introducing you to a girl with a lot of energy and a lot of love. If you’re up to train her, she could be your best friend. And she has been waiting six long months to find that loving home. So without further ado, meet Zenon. Zenon is a 2 1/2-year-old shepherd. She’s got tons of…

Pet Connection: Meet Sugar

Sugar Is A Fun-Loving Bird With Lots Of Energy

  First, great news for our lovable friend Yanka from Homeward Animal Shelter. She found her forever home six days ago, just one day after being our Pet Connection darling. She’s a four-and-a-half year old Rottweiler who’s a big old sweetheart. She’s gonna make a wonderful social distancing buddy for her new owners. Congratulations to Yanka on finding her new…

Pet Connection: Meet Yanka!

Yanka is a Rottweiler and an absolute sweetheart.

We introduced you to Janet last week, and we’re still looking for a home for her. She’s a resilient little lady with a lot of love. She’s nine years old and is great with other dogs. Our friends at Homeward Animal Shelter are also introducing us to another lady with lots of love. Meet Yanka! Yanka is almost 4 1/2…

Pet Connection: Meet Janet

Janet Is A Pug With A Ton Of Perseverance

  First, great new for our new friend Patsy. She’s a 2 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler cross with a lot of energy. Our friends at Homeward Animal Shelter were looking for a foster home for her last week. The good news is, they found out. The better news is, she’s pending permanent adoption. We hope everything works…

Pet Connection: Meet Patsy

Patsy Has A TON Of Energy And Is Looking For A Foster Home

  We’re changing things up for Pet Connection during the coronavirus crisis. We can’t have people bring pets in studio because of social distancing. But we’re still here for you with the furry goodness. And One of the silver linings of social distancing is that you might have more time to help care for a new pet. If you can’t…