201,000 Gallons of Water Flood Bonanzaville in Vandalism

WEST FARGO, N.D. – Bonanzaville says someone broke onto their property and turned on water spigots on the South Pleasant Church wasting 201,000 gallons of water on New Year’s Eve.

Cass County Historical Society says the flooded area threatens the foundations of four historic buildings.

Bonanzaville has always had issues with melting snow and flooding and this vandalism will make an already difficult situation much worse,” Bonanzaville says on its Facebook page.

The Historical Society says whomever vandalized the museum tried to get into other buildings on the property.

“Bonanzaville staff is heartbroken that someone would disrespect history in such a way. We hope that those responsible see this post and understand the severity of the damage their actions caused.” The Historical Society said.

Bonanzaville has already raised $1,200 of a $2,500 goal on a GoFundMe page in two hours on Monday. Click here to donate.

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