Area Mayors Discuss Priorities and Growth in 2019 State of the Cities

Each mayor has different goals and are all committed to working together as one metro to get the job done

FARGO, N.D. — Mayors from the cities of Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, and Dilworth took center stage to share each community’s growth and goals for 2019.

For Dilworth, 2018 brought the expansion of new businesses, homes, and commercial areas.

“The success of these developments, commercial, residential, I mean they bring immediate impacts, new amenities, new residents, we have new employment opportunities,” Dilworth Mayor Chad Olson said. “When you come to Dilworth, you can see this, I mean it’s tangible.”

Moorhead is hoping to continue preserving neighborhoods, working towards Green Step 3, and expanding performing arts opportunities.

“The goal is to be, which is in our DNA, the identity that we are going to be the cultural sensor,” Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd said. “We want Moorhead to be on the map for being the place to be when it comes to culture.”

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney stressed the importance of the diversion project and overall development to support Fargo’s growing numbers.

“We are projected to go up to 330,000 people within the next 20 years,” Mahoney said. “That means 5,000 people every year are going to move into this community. In order to that, we have to make sure things go well within our economics.”

West Fargo wants to continue creating affordable housing in 2019 and is proud of its rapid growing school district.

“With the addition of roughly 500 students per year, the district has worked to construct new facilities and renovate older buildings in recent years,” West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis said. “In 2018, they opened Willow Park Elementary School.”

Each mayor has the opportunity to make 2019 a year for growth in their city. Let’s not forget we have two new faces on the stage this year, whose careers have just begun.

“Like myself, they have the same wonderful passions for their communities and for their residents and so we have a bond just from that perspective,” Mayor Dardis said.

“It’s good to see that even though we’re separate cities, we’re all intertwined and we’re all working together to make our region great,” Mayor Judd said.

Although, each mayor has different goals moving forward, one theme continued throughout, working together as one metro to get the job done.

More than 600 guests attended the event.

They had the opportunity to participate in live polling by responding to questions pertaining to the community.

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