Gov. Walz Directs State Agencies to Assist Minnesotans Affected by Federal Government Shutdown

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Gov. Tim Walz announces his plan to minimize the impact of the federal government shutdown on Minnesotans.

He’s directing the state’s budget department to see how it can cover federal funds for Medicaid, veterans health care and reduced school lunch. The Human Services Department will help people understand any changes to their SNAP benefits.

The Administration is also talking with tribes to understand the impact of the shutdown and see how the state can help provide assistance with their government and Indian Health Services offices.

“That’ll give us a really great opportunity to show Minnesota we can work together, we can lead, we can be calm and decisive in the face of the chaos out of D.C,” Walz said.

The plan will be assessed on an ongoing basis.

Walz has assigned staff to participate in the Statewide Contingency Response Team to monitor the impact of the shutdown.

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