Below Zero Temps Inspire People to Get Active Inside

The Fargo Park District had open gym at Fargo North and open swim at Fargo South

FARGO, N.D. — Some extremely frigid temperatures over the weekend are forcing people to stay out of the cold.

But KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us how families in the area are managing to avoid getting cabin fever.

The one thing Fargo seems to be lacking this year from its winter forecast is just the right amount of snow for snowmobilers to get out onto the trails.

Those grooming the trails went from having too much snow to simply not having enough.

“Initially after the first time, we were stuck about 26 times. Normally we can groom in two shifts in two, eight–ten hours shifts. It took us about 32 hours because we were getting stuck so much,” said Greg Strommen, vice president of the Clay County Trail Blazers. “We had a nice snowfall early on but of course the wind that always seems to follow really raised havoc for us this year in that it blew a lot of the snow away.”

Combine that with temperatures below zero and it makes for an unfriendly mix.

“It’s just not comfortable,” Strommen said.

So for all those who aren’t able to do some of their favorite winter activities like snowmobiling, the Fargo Park District is helping them stay in the heat while making it a little easier for the season to pass by.

“We thought it would be a good opportunity to get out of the house and get a little exercise today. It can be a long, cold winter otherwise. So you have some of these activities to break it up,” said Eric Anderson, who took his two sons to the open gym.

Basketball is taking some kids away from their favorite videogames which some parents say their kids tend to play all day.

“They would if we let them. It’s hard to compete with Fortnite. But this will do it,” Anderson said.

It’s also giving them the chance to look up to their role models by following in their footsteps.”

“Lebron James, Curry, Kevin Durant, Irving. I like practicing a lot for games and this is a good way to practice,” said Carson, Anderson’s son.

If you would like to snowmobile but need a place where there’s enough snow, Strommen says east of Waubun should have more.

Fargo and West Fargo Park Districts will have a Blizzard Bash at Scheels Arena tomorrow if you want to stay out of the cold instead.

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