Fargo Woman Writes “Rescue Matters” Book, Part of Proceeds Go to Animal Shelter

C.J. English released her book on Dec. 19


FARGO, N.D. — A Fargo woman wanted to do something a little different to help out a dog shelter so she did what she does best: write about it.

C.J. English wrote the book “Rescue Matters” which talks about the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue shelter and the importance of rescuing animals. For every copy sold, half of the proceeds go to the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. English says aside from her writing talent, telling the “Rescue Matters” story will be everlasting.

“It’s the notion that I have the ability to give back for a very, very long time. Beyond me and onto my kids is that the book will be able to bring in even if it’s a small amount of money or a large amount of money for the rescue forever. That I otherwise in my daily job wouldn’t be able to write a check for,” English said.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue saves between 40-50 dogs a month. About three millions dogs still need rescuing worldwide.

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