Rob Kupec Shares 2019 Weather Outlook with Area Crop Growers

Kupec's update centered on upcoming temperature and rainfall predictions

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Crop growers are gaining the knowledge they need from weather and Ag industry professionals to produce highly quality crops this upcoming season.

KVRR’s very own Meteorologist Rob Kupec spoke at the crop update to offer growers a weather outlook for 2019.

Rob talked about expected temperatures and rainfall for the upcoming seasons as well as a regional and global weather outlook.

Attendees also heard from growing specialists in the industry, one focusing on small grains.

“Well they’re obviously the biggest consumers in some ways of weather and for them it’s not just a matter of oh what are my weekend plans going to be this is their economy and their money is really dependent on what the weather is going to be,” Kupec said.

Rob finished his update with time for growers to ask more specific questions relating to how the spring and summer weather will impact their crop production.

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